Black Rose Ring

Hey, Lovely Angels! As you all know every color has a meaning. Like colors every Rose also has a meaning, for example, Red Roses convey deep emotions such as Love, longings and desire. While white rose conveys purity and innocence and Black rose represent strength, seriousness, power and Authority. So Today I am going to […]

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Zipper & Live Bracelets

Hey, My Lovely Angels! I am so delighted to share with you these new “Zipper and Live Bracelets”. If you don’t already see my other creations then you are missing out so many amazing jewelry and other accessories. Zipper and Live bracelets are no exception! It was something that I had never done it before […]

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Spring West Rings

Hello, My Lovely Angels! Here again! 🙂 We all know that how life would be without colors? Why not enjoy it in full!! Colors hide a special thing in it and that Thing is “Happiness”. Colors are the symbol of Happiness and that happiness remind us of Spring. Today I am going to share with […]

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Sketch Book Holder

Hello, Angels! 🙂 Do you know? I love sketching, drawing, painting and all that kind of things that involve art and creativity. By the way, currently, I am doing Maters in Business Statistics and Management lol ya! Which is far away from my art n craft field. I love doing art and craft because it’s […]

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Zipper Pendants

Hello, Angels! Yes! Spring is here and that means Lots of fun!! Yeah!!! Spring breathes new life and happiness into the world around us. So why not spread happiness among your friends and family by giving them such a simple yet adorable gift with style through JeweLight “Zipper Pendants”. Zipper pendants made with a zipper […]

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Sea Shell Ring

Hello, My Angels! Summer is right around the corner I thought I would share some elegant jewelry with you that sights, sounds, tastes and smells of the season. Here it is “SEA SHELL RING”. This ring always reminds you of the summery season, beachy days, bare footed walk, mind blowing cool water and happy moments. […]

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Skyline Pendant

Hello, beauties! Today, I am going to tell you a little bit more about myself. I love staring at the sky while sitting on a terrace with a mug of coffee in winter or a glass of juice in summer. I never get tired of the blue sky because whenever I feel stuck somewhere, I […]

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